Baking Classes in Hyderabad at Kachiguda by Classic

Want to learn How to Bake?

If you are looking for Baking classes in Hyderabad at Kachiguda, then Classic is your right choice! We offer a large variety of mouth-watering dishes to choose from.

About Baking:

Home made baking is fun and easy. Especially if you have a main ingredient, "Passion"! Apart from that, you just have to know the right combos of ingredient & be aware of the proper tools & techniques that should be used to achieved the desired result. Once you bake the items, you can then even give them to your friends & family as holiday gifts and/or special gift. 

Baking Classes in Hyderabad - Gel Cake

Baking Classes in Hyderabad - Gel Cake

Benefits of Learning Baking at Classic:

Make your own home made cake mixes to control quality, cost and flavor. Save money and control the sodium content in your recipes. You can encourage your children to participate in baking so that they will know how to take measurements with cups, spoons which improves their mathematics and time maintenance, cleanliness with less fat under perfect heat by which the protein, vitamins are in balance. Children do not get obesity.

We offer training in the following Categories under Baking Courses:

  1. General Baking
  2. Professional Baking
  3. Egg less Cakes
  4. Baking Specials
  5. Biscuits
  6. Cookies

Here is a list of individual items that we teach in each of the above categories:

 General Baking

  1. Osmania Biscuits
  2. Chand Biscuits
  3. Fruit Biscuits
  4. Kaju Biscuits
  5. Pin Wheel Biscuits
  6. Coconut Cookies
  7. Peanut Cookies
  8. Birthday Cake with icing
  9. Plum Cake
  10. Pineapple Cool Cake

Professional Baking

  1. Black Forest Cake
  2. Basket of Flowers
  3. Barbie doll Cake
  4. Chocolate Surprise Box
  5. Racing Car
  6. Curry Puffs

Egg less Cakes

  1. Pineapple Up-sided Cake
  2. Marble Cake
  3. Sponge Cake
  4. Teddy bear-Chocolate Cake
  5. Dry Fruit Cake
  6. Butter Cake
  7. Biscuit Cake
  8. Tuti-Fruity cups
  9. Joker Cakes
  10. Plum Cake

Baking Specials (With Egg Or Eggless)

  1. Biscuits
  2. Cookies
  3. Cad cake
  4. Hot cake
  5. Pastries
  6. Cakes & Pastries
  7. Cup cakes
  8. Muffins
  9. Brownies
  10. Bakes Bars
  11. Puff Pastry
  12. Bread & Bun
  13. Pizz making
  14. General baking
  15. Professional cakes
  16. Desserts & Puddings
  17. Doughnuts


  1. Osmania
  2. Kaju
  3. Pin wheel
  4. Chand
  5. Furit Khatai
  6. Diet Biscuit
  7. Nan Katai
  8. Semolina biscuit
  9. Barbon
  10. Kesar Badam

Cookies ( With Egg )

  1.  Tall house
  2. Oat meal raisin
  3. Ginger bread men
  4. Anzac
  5. Peanut butter crinkles
  6. Christmas cookies

Cookies (Eggless)

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